Sustainability progress report 2017 - 2020

Climate Changes

We’re Protecting Biodiversity

In turn, we support the fundamental work of the Species Survival Commission through increasing and developing the scope of the red list of endangered species.

Kering’s contribution will help fund the research to assess 80,000 more species by 2020:

  • in particular Kering is supporting a key project focused on batracians which are a significant marker to understand the overall health of biodiversity in the world.

IPBES’ 1 st Private Sector Partnership For Biodiversity With Kering

We’ve partnered with Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) and we co-published a bew white paper on biodiversity.

It outlines a robust biodiversity strategy to inform a fashion company, its impacts and dependencies on biodiversity, and where to prioritize action. We also partnered with WWF France to better understand the link between biodiversity and our wool supply chain.

Further partnerships examples that complement our work with broader academic and scientific research.

  • We co-published a white paper with CISL in January 2019 addressing the critical importance of business operating within the Planetary Boundaries. This was the 1st in Kering’s series on Planetary Boundaries.
  • Our pioneering EP&L is influencing the adoption of natural capital accounting. By open-sourcing our methodology it enabled other companies to leverage our EP&L as a tool. Also, the EP&L methodology contributed to the Natural Capital Protocol, which sets out a common framework for measuring and accounting for natural capital.