Sustainability progress report 2017 - 2020

Gucciʼs Circular Transformation

Gucciʼs Circular Transformation

Gucci has been focused on reducing its footprint across the supply chain through low-impact alternative and sustainable materials, sustainable sourcing and manufacturing efficiencies.

To compliment its ambitious reduction strategy, Gucci is innovating circular approaches to waste less and minimize the House’s use of new raw materials.
Recycled fibers are a cornerstone of its strategy and many of the recycled fibers incorporated into Gucci’s collections are derived from post-industrial waste fiber, yarn and fabrics scraps.

Gucci’s ‘Scrap-Less’ methodology has significantly reduced the environmental impact of its leather production when compared to traditional methods. By simply trimming the hide to size before tanning, Gucci is able to process only what is needed while reducing the amount of water, energy and chemicals required to treat the material and the resulting waste.

Gucci also upcycles leather and textile waste generated during manufacturing through its ‘Gucci-Up’ program, which led to the reuse of around 11 tons of leather scraps and saved approximately 4,500 tons of CO2 in 2018. Gucci was the first luxury brand to utilize ECONYL’s ®recycled and regenerated nylon fiber derived from fishnets, carpets and textile waste in its ready-to-wear pieces. This partnership has expanded to include the ‘ECONYL®-GUCCI Pre Consumer Fabric Take Back Program’ whereby suppliers recover any ECONYL® regenerated nylon scraps from Gucci’s production and transforms them into a new high-quality yarn.

This kind of collaboration is vital to support circularity and through Chime for Change, Gucci partners with the Mumbai-based NGO, I was a Sari, in their mission to upcycle leftover scrap leather and fabric materials to produce embroidery for the global fashion market.
Combining circularity and social enterprise, I was a Sari trains women in underprivileged communities around Mumbai to become world-class embroiderers and helps them gain financial independence.