Sustainability progress report 2017 - 2020

Sourcing Sustainably

When It Comes To Innovation, We Want To Help Lead Our Industry Forward

Kering Materials Innovation Lab - 2016 shoot (19)

With the ultimate aim of accelerating innovation across fashion and Luxury, the Accelerator takes a comprehensive approach to the apparel supply chain. Several other corporate, supply chain and financing partners have since joined the venture while our own commitment has deepened, notably through a strategic partnership with Plug & Play in China.

We fully acknowledge China’s importance in fashion, Luxury and technology. As part of Shanghai Fashion Week in October 2019, Kering and Plug & Play held the first K Generation Talk & Award Ceremony for sustainable innovation in China.

From several applicants, over 50 start ups were carefully reviewed before selecting the 3 winning projects.

Driving Circularity

Circularity and sustainability have been a key focus at Kering for many years. For our industry, fully integrating the guiding principles of the circular economy must be a priority.

Our collaboration with Worn Again Technologies’ as a Pioneer Member dates back to 2015. Kering was one of the first investors in its pioneering closed-loop solution capable of separating polyester polymers and cellulose from non-reusable textile in cotton and so it can be spun back into new fibers.

This repeatable process also applies to plastic bottles and packaging. As an original investor and Founding Pioneer Member, Kering will gain premium access to Worn Again’s circular PET and cellulose outputs. We plan to put these closed looped materials to good use in our supply chains.

As we strive to create a circular economy throughout our business, we are looking at all areas. Fashion for Good is our partner on a recently-launched pilot project: The Circular Polybag.

It is the first attempt fashion and Luxury has made to find a completely circular solution for virgin polybags. Using post-consumer polybag waste, this innovation facilitates the creation of high quality, recycled content polybags; a solution that brings us closer to creating a truly closed loop system.

In the spirit of open innovation, the pilot is a multibrand initiative with other Fashion For Good corporate members. The aim is to help scale the solution across the industry faster and completely close the loop so that the polybags taken from brands are re-used by them.

The Make Fashion Circular initiative orchestrated by the Ellen McArthur Foundation is another program that leads research in the field of circular economy, regularly sharing knowledge and best practices with us, and our peers. Kering is proud to be a “Participant” in Make Fashion Circular.