Sustainability progress report 2017 - 2020

Innovate to create lasting change

We have set goals in our 2025 sustainability strategy that will help us create more innovatively and sustainably for the future. However, we know that we need to go beyond gradual change into disruptive transformation to achieve these goals and to create lasting, positive change.

Here are some vital things we keep top of mind in our Create pillar:

  • We need to find ways to rapidly shift from a linear model to a circular, regenerative one as an industry so that we drastically reduce our reliance on new resources.
  • Open innovation is vital and is a key enabler to achieve our sustainability ambitions.
  • To reach our 2025 targets, we are embedding climate smart solutions across our business and supply chains to drive our reductions effort. However, current solutions and technology available to support these efforts are limited and must be combined with innovation and new ways of addressing our global challenges. This is fundamental to drive real progress.