Sustainability progress report 2017 - 2020

Sourcing Sustainably

Enabling Sustainable Design

Empowering creators with next-generation materials

A lot of our focus is placed on the sustainability of our sourcing and supply chains. This doesn’t mean we don’t also work on sustainability at the design stage. Kering wants to be sustainable by design from the very start.

This means working directly and closely with our House’s creative teams. Creators need all the available tools and techniques at their disposal, so they can create more sustainably.

We make sure that our House’s designers have sustainable, alternative material options on par with the quality of conventional material.

A library for sustainable design

The Kering Materials Innovation Lab (MIL) is where our innate creativity meets our open-source philosophy. The MIL was founded in 2013 with the aim of identifying, classifying and making accessible to our Houses sustainable materials and processes.

Key to the MIL are the in-house experts who offer support to our Houses so they can integrate materials more easily into their product offerings. The MIL includes a comprehensive library of certified sustainable fabrics, evaluated by external and internal standards.

Sustainable Fabrics

worked towards scaling up the MIL

+26% of entries since Last Year

Initiatives such as the MIL empower our creators across the Houses with access to relevant intelligence and options so they can keep creating and innovating more sustainably.

Moving from fashion towards our Watches and Jewelry, the Kering Sustainable Innovation Lab (SIL) will be launched early Q1 2020. Following the success of the MIL, the SIL was developed with the same intention but aimed at watchmakers and jewel creators and our relevant Houses.