Sustainability progress report 2017 - 2020

Sourcing Sustainably

Disrupting Traditions

  • Our Houses have been pioneering metal-free tanning and as of the end of 2019, this eco process represented 24% of our Group collections. Metal-free tanning is an innovative technique for the Luxury fashion industry that removes the use of all metals traditionally used and it substantially decreases the use of water, energy, chemicals and pollutants during the tanning process. Thanks to this innovation, the environmental performance of tanning has considerably improved.
  • We’ve launched a number of different pilot projects with the aim of inventing eco-dyeing processes. Here are a few of them: dry finishing which enables PFC free hydro-repellency, pilling and waterless dyeing, and testing with suppliers on silk, synthetics and regenerated cashmere. The use of micro-organisms is also a promising lead for more sustainable and economical dyeing solutions.