Sustainability progress report 2017 - 2020

Looking Outside Our Group

Empowering Women In Our Supply Chain Regions

We collaborated with Camera della Moda for Luxury supply chains in Italy, with NGOs, Valore D and Wise Growth, and with BSR. What we learned helped us cover the key actions to take in order to address these challenges and work to overcome them.

We focused on empowering women around gold mines in Ghana with Solidaridad, equaling 5 mines and involving 150 women. Our aim is to empower them to develop their own businesses within the mining community through micro-loans, skills training, business development and finances.

We supported cotton farmers in India, involving community education on women rights, education and health and safety. This support extended to 150 cotton farmers.

Many local communities and women were supported through our REDD+ projects:

The REDD+ projects we chose to offset our Group’s total remaining GHG emissions for 2018 equalled support provided to more than 187,000 people in local communities.

Through investing in REDD+ around 80,000 women were positively impacted overall.