Sustainability progress report 2017 - 2020

Collaboration For A Better Future

Because when we collaborate, we create products beyond all expectations. What’s more, we collaborate closely with our suppliers and our stakeholders to ensure high environmental, responsible and social performance. As a result, we safeguard our rich heritage, promote parity and diversity and strive to be renowned as an exemplary employer. This touches both inside and outside our Group. Our 2025 sustainability strategy pillar Collaborate upholds these commitments.

Here are some of our top priorities :

  • We ensure women are well-represented at all levels of management in the Group.
  • A healthy work-life balance is key and we have set up programs and polices to this effect.
  • Working closely with our suppliers we have a robust auditing program to ensure compliance with our high social and environmental standards.
  • We partner with schools around the world to promote education for sustainability.
  • We support Luxury craftsmanship by preserving savoir-fair traditions.