Sustainability progress report 2017 - 2020

Key Initiatives

Work-Life Balance Benefits Everyone

A work-life balance is what we all strive for, that’s why we’re fostering work-life balance via Group-wide policies for all employees that promotes well-being at work and equality for all.

Implement a global Parental Policy

14 weeks of baby leave

to all parents

Many other initiatives have also been adopted by Kering’s various Houses and entities including telework, flexitime, childcare solutions and daycare centers for employees based in France.  At Group level, the parental policy contributes in a comprehensive and inclusive way, for all the men and women of the Group, to promoting well-being by setting a standard duration and payment for maternity, paternity and adoption leave.

This policy helps to ensure that the Group’s employees enjoy more rights to the various forms of leave than is required under national legislation and is applicable across all countries. It therefore represents a significant step forward in many regions of the world, particularly in the Americas and Asia.

As another example of our focus on more progressive dynamics, since summer 2017, Kering Corporate offices in Asia have been equipped with breastfeeding rooms to give women the opportunity to return to work while continuing to breastfeed.

Parental Policy Updated

In October 2019, Kering strengthened our Parental Policy further by extending paternity and partner leave to provide 14 weeks, applicable from January 1st, 2020.

From then, with ‘Baby Leave’, all parents, without exception, will benefit from 14 weeks’ leave on full pay at the birth or adoption of one or more babies/children.

This new, practical step forward is designed to provide a better work-life balance and to promote equality among employees, female and male, irrespective of their personal circumstances.

All the Group’s employees around the world are guaranteed the same benefits when a child or children become part of their family.