Sustainability progress report 2017 - 2020

A More Caring Luxury

In the same way we took a leading role in the Luxury sector almost 60 years ago, we now take the lead in helping to create a more sustainable Luxury industry by tackling some of the most significant challenges that are facing our industry, our planet and our society.

Moving forward responsibly

We continually look at our supply chain, knowing that it’s our duty to be responsible for the impact we have on the world. So, three years ago we created an ambitious strategy for 2025 with concrete quantified targets.

Our Care pillar includes targets like a 40% reduction in our overall environmental footprint and a 50% reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions within our own operations and across our entire supply chain.

A Long Way To Go But We’re Making Positive Progress

Here are some of our key commitments and efforts that make up the Care pillar:

  • Transparency all the way as we report on our total impacts, including GHG emissions, across our entire supply chain.
  • We’ve had a science-based target for our GHG emissions since 2016 and we’re committed to achieve Net-Zero by 2050.
  • On our road to Net-Zero 2050, we’ve become carbon neutral in our operations and across the supply chain from 2018, offsetting all remaining annual GHG emissions via REDD+ to protect critical forests and biodiversity.
  • This year, we’re committed to implementing a science-based target on climate to drive our actions so that they are consistent with a 1.5-degree pathway.
  • We’ve set up progressive initiatives and a science-based approach to reduce our environmental impacts at every stage during the creation of our Houses’ products, all the way back to where we source our raw materials.
  • We open-sourced the Kering Standards for Raw Materials and Manufacturing Processes and we are collaborating with our suppliers to ensure our high standards around environmental protection, social welfare, traceability, chemical use and animal welfare are met.
  • We’ve created the 1st animal welfare standards for Luxury and fashion to improve industry practices and catalyze collaboration.