Sustainability progress report 2017 - 2020

Measuring Our Footprint

Measuring Our Entire Footprint

Our EP&L account was designed to measure and monetize environmental impacts from our business activities in our own operations and across the supply chain. The tool highlights key areas where we can prioritize and focus our efforts to mitigate our impacts more effectively.

Results of what the EP&L allows Kering to do:

  • Understand our true impacts and identify hotspots
  • Reveal risks and find effective solutions for mitigation
  • Translate our environmental impacts into a business language
  • Compare different environmental impacts with each other, which was not always possible
  • Compare the impact of production or sourcing of raw materials in each location
  • Facilitate comparisons between our Houses or business units
  • Monitor progress of our 2025 sustainability strategy, while forecasting and preparing for the future
  • Be transparent with our stakeholders and investment community

Simply put, the EP&L is used as a decision-making tool for Kering’s Houses to influence daily choices and make responsible sourcing decisions, by being able to understand the environmental impact the business will have on the world.

Making the invisible visible

The EP&L has helped all our Kering House’s to unlock new insights into their businesses and supply chains. Notably, it helps us discover potential efficiencies, innovations and improvements that can provide business value.