Sustainability progress report 2017 - 2020

Manufacturing Highlights

Managing Chemicals And Keeping Them Safe

Kering promotes a cooperative approach throughout the supply chain and supports international harmonization of standards, seeking, where possible, alignment with existing or emerging industry efforts such as ZDHC. For some time now Kering has been actively engaging both suppliers and supply chain actors on chemical management, providing operational support and building capacity.

In 2019, Kering held 3 training sessions for leather and textile suppliers. Also, we implemented a training event organized with five other international Luxury brands/Groups that brought together more than 250 participants from the leather and textile supply chains in Italy. That’s not all.

In 2019, we developed and implemented a MRSL specific audit methodology to verify supplier’s compliance to the MRSL and to support supply chain progress towards compliance. The methodology was applied with around 40 suppliers from both textile and leather supply chains during the year.

So far, we’ve engaged 80% of our supply chain and we have achieved 70% reduction of risk related to use of hazardous chemicals, progressing towards full MRSL conformance. We still have work to do here.

Training Virtually

Alongside other objective-led projects for manufacturing, we’ve also developed and piloted a supplier platform for training and evaluation and we’re up-skilling employees with e-learning customized for all 4,400 people across 40 countries.